Monthly Archives: January 2019

Email Efficiency

For awhile I have known that I am efficient when it comes to email. I use Gmail, it offers methods to help with email management. Using filters to automatically label with a category, archive (remove from the inbox view), and mark emails as read, are all actions that can be performed based upon a condition.

For instance, if the email is from, I can do this: Skip Inbox, Apply label “Daily Stoic”. Skipping the inbox archives the email, but doesn’t mark it as read. The “Daily Stoic” label helps when identifying it later on.

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Thinking about Tax Year 2018

This year saw income from a handful of sources other than a regular paycheck. This year I received:

  1. bonuses for opening new bank accounts – $3,800
  2. payment for selling trade-lines – $2,975
  3. another couple of thousand in new credit card bonuses, travel credits, and discounted gift cards

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