Hi! Welcome to my blog.

Over here at Real Life Points I write about personal finance, investing, web design, travel hacking, photography, do-it-yourself projects, and just the occasional snippet of everyday life.

Currently I work, though a huge ambition I have is to retire early with enough savings and investments to fund a fun little life devoid of the traditional employer obligations. This stage is all about wealth-building. I work to live, not live to work.

Four years ago I moved from Texas to the Greater NYC area (hey Bayonne!) and still occasionally feel like a tourist—totally fine with me!

I enjoy long ‘hikes’ in the city and taking trains to new, faraway neighborhoods. When the season is just right and the leaves are beautiful shades of orange, yellow, red, and green I like to venture out and take pictures. The spring and fall is the perfect time to drive out into the countryside and find bike paths, green ways, and rail trails and ride for miles.

Follow along as I streamline the tough edges of life and automate the mundane.

Thanks for stopping by Real Life Points!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Noel Thomas

    Congratulations , Patrick!!! Your site is impeccably formed, a joy to read and see, and the script flows seamlessly ( with NO typos! ). Please keep the entertaining communiques forthcoming!

  2. Noel Thomas

    Son, I’ve read the “Biking ” article and looked at all the pix !! What a great trip that was and the report reflects all the beauty there and the joy you experienced on the ride !! Congratulations on an excellent effort and please keep the “Urban Trekking ” and subsequent dialogues coming out to us !!!

  3. Wendy Schaefer

    I loved your about Real Life Points post – I really like being included in your ideas, and I concur that your thoughts and ideas are endlessly interesting – and not just because I already know and love you. Is there some way in this website that you can protect yourself from prying eyes that are not loving? Or have you decided that is not a fear you want to live with? I am so interested in you, Pat! I appreciate your forthright attitude.


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