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Seven Steps

Internet explorations can take a person to such strange lands. Finding a place to stay for a night in Cincinnati and then a second night in Washington took me over to Couchsurfing. After a quick search in the DC area it turns out that there are quite a few hosts. One in particular, Jordan K, really stood out with his 268 references. Reading through his profile it is apparent that Jordan isn’t a guy just offering up his couch. “There is a lot to see so be prepared to walk until your feet fall off!!!” is how he ends his couch description. By linking directly from his profile to “How to Be a Good Guest” on CouchWiki, it appears Jordan fully endorses the cultural sharing aspect of Couchsurfing.

What a cool guy!

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Master of Not Much

Here’s a concept I have been coming to terms with over the past few minutes:  I am not much of a master at anything. Believe it or not, this deficiency is not too concerning. Although finding problems and fixing them is quite enjoyable, it is an unconscious personal priority to attempt taking a breadth-first approach toward the billions of things out there to do.

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Traveling:  The ability to go anywhere that you can afford. It breaks down into several areas of expense, but the sum of all those equals FUN. That is until the expense becomes so great that cost exceeds your comfort threshold and the idea of spending money becomes the guilt of wasting money. What follows is your introduction to a revolutionary way of eliminating one of the most costly areas of traveling expense.

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