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Reprise and Revise

I thought it might be fun to revisit a few of my previous posts and see what’s been happening since. Take Email Efficiency, for instance. A few days after writing that entry I was going through my Trash folder and discovered some Doctor of Credit newsletters. My mailbox sorting rules say they should just stay unread and be placed in the Archive, not sent to the trash! It turns out the fifth or so rule in my list of 357 filters — a rule I’ve had for years! — was loosely matching on a common phrase and deleting any emails containing a match.

That rule has now been deleted.

i do occasionally review the email in my Trash folder and this is the first time I’ve spotted something that I intended to keep. Perhaps I really haven’t lost that much mail due to this errant rule as I’d first suspected.

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Flurries of activity, things get done. Lately lucrative bank bonuses earned in exchange for opening new accounts has become very attractive. Giving away my personal information to big financial institutions. Running their respective gauntlets, adhering to the requirements and rules, and operating within the terms and conditions:  Quite an awesome angle on extracting big bucks for simply playing a little game.

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Restlessness. It is what I am these days. These days? What kind of a dimension is that? Call it the last 3 or 4 months. Remember the attainment of routine that I so proudly held aloft, just a year ago? That feeling has been replaced, or at least heavily modified. I got tired of it, I just outgrew the freshness of an exciting, but rote track walked daily. This makes me sad, somewhat. Disappointment in myself sometimes creeps into my mind, and I usually push it aside with the thought of time being a cure.

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Seven Steps

Internet explorations can take a person to such strange lands. Finding a place to stay for a night in Cincinnati and then a second night in Washington took me over to Couchsurfing. After a quick search in the DC area it turns out that there are quite a few hosts. One in particular, Jordan K, really stood out with his 268 references. Reading through his profile it is apparent that Jordan isn’t a guy just offering up his couch. “There is a lot to see so be prepared to walk until your feet fall off!!!” is how he ends his couch description. By linking directly from his profile to “How to Be a Good Guest” on CouchWiki, it appears Jordan fully endorses the cultural sharing aspect of Couchsurfing.

What a cool guy!

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Good Conversations

They’re few and far between, but when we have one it never really leaves. The glow fades slowly, revisited often in smiled memory.

This days marks the 1st of January. In two weeks I will be staying in coastal Connecticut for a weekend. On the trip there (and/or back) I will visit a total of 10 Family Dollars in order to deposit to my AMEX Serve account ten (10) One Vanilla gift cards, zeroing out their $500 balance in each transaction. This represents the second half of an AMEX Business Gold $10,000 spending requirement, and moves the process along nearer to the 75,000 Membership Rewards points goal.

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Quite a few coworkers have recently quit. This dwindles the team, and the overall moral follows suit. This happens for a couple of reasons. By it’s very nature, a team is a group of more-or-less equal parts, people playing roles similar in design and status. When a member of the team leaves, every person is likely to internally or externally reevaluate their time-spend. Am I content with the work done for the level of compensation received? Am I being taken advantage of? Have I become more valuable in my role? Should I ask for a raise? Do I deserve more money?

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Master of Not Much

Here’s a concept I have been coming to terms with over the past few minutes:  I am not much of a master at anything. Believe it or not, this deficiency is not too concerning. Although finding problems and fixing them is quite enjoyable, it is an unconscious personal priority to attempt taking a breadth-first approach toward the billions of things out there to do.

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