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Debt Free!

Milestone attained. I’m debt free!

No longer have I the big scary education loan or distasteful car note. Nope. All paid off as of January 2015, and on schedule too!

Instead I’ve recently taken out a $2,500 ‘loan’ from Capital One. Not wanting to miss out on contributing to my Traditional IRA for tax year 2014, I took my VentureOne credit card over to Target and loaded funds onto a Target REDcard. Once loaded, the funds were withdrawn to supplement my linked bank account. From there it was simple to transfer the full $5,500 to my Vanguard retirement account. That account holds just 1 fund, VTSMX Investor Shares with a lowly 0.17% expense ratio.

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Quite a few coworkers have recently quit. This dwindles the team, and the overall moral follows suit. This happens for a couple of reasons. By it’s very nature, a team is a group of more-or-less equal parts, people playing roles similar in design and status. When a member of the team leaves, every person is likely to internally or externally reevaluate their time-spend. Am I content with the work done for the level of compensation received? Am I being taken advantage of? Have I become more valuable in my role? Should I ask for a raise? Do I deserve more money?

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