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Growth! Movement! Design!

This past Saturday morning I had quite a list. Open tabs, scattered notes, partial plans. These things (each a tiny project in itself) had been staring back at me from my desktop for weeks. However Saturday morning I also accomplished a lot.

It took some distilling and arranging but I lined up tasks and knocked them out one after the other. The method I use to force myself to action is to leave tabs open in my browser until I act on whatever the project is that requires the content from that page. Constant exposure to information (the tab) that might help me to finish the project and free up space (in my browser and in my mind) is an excellent form of perpetual prompting. Personally I find this method works quite well. The drip of stress is a strong motivator.

Fringe elements of this blog have been adjusted and improved; there’s a few new doodads here and there, too. Grouped by perspective these can be separated into front-end and back-end items.


    • Created the Archive page using the SiteTree plugin
    • Created the Contact page with the Contact Form 7 plugin to allow site-initiated correspondence
    • Designed a 512×512px ‘R‘ logo and implemented as the site icon (favicon)
    • Added new links and link categories to the side bar
    • Minor grammatical adjustments to a few posts
    • Added a sad graph to Tricking Tax Year 2015 and reorganized some thoughts
    • Added a new post discussing clutter


  • Checked for broken links with the Broken Link Checker plugin
  • Corrected the path of the Cron job command responsible for renewing the SSL certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt to actually start checking monthly
  • Configured wp_mail with SMTP access to Mailgun for forwarding using the excellent Postman SMTP plugin


It’s difficult to fathom that this blog has not been able to communicate to the outside world through email. It seems so basic. Thankfully, however, the excellent transactional email service Mailgun came to the rescue. Mailgun is a powerful email forwarding service that listens for incoming messages (from Postman or Gmail) and repackages them with Then it forwards the message to the recipient, You! In other words it enables “sending on behalf of” so that you receive correspondence from the actual website domain.

There are many combinations of beauty that can be achieved through WordPress. Creating, developing, and maintaining a functional and secure WordPress site is, to me, a stimulating challenge in functional free-form design. Make it whatever you want and make it work.

Command line level configuration of Linux, PHP, and MySQL balances comfortably with the user-friendly interfaces of phpMyAdmin and WordPress. This really appeals to my DIY tendency by not comprising a prepackaged product beset with standardized limitations. In addition the wealth of plugins that are available with WordPress and an active, supportive community make it really fun and easy to build a blog!

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