Good Conversations

They’re few and far between, but when we have one it never really leaves. The glow fades slowly, revisited often in smiled memory.

This days marks the 1st of January. In two weeks I will be staying in coastal Connecticut for a weekend. On the trip there (and/or back) I will visit a total of 10 Family Dollars in order to deposit to my AMEX Serve account ten (10) One Vanilla gift cards, zeroing out their $500 balance in each transaction. This represents the second half of an AMEX Business Gold $10,000 spending requirement, and moves the process along nearer to the 75,000 Membership Rewards points goal.

In reaching out to try new methods of manufacturing spend (MS), one method that is now going on its fourth month in the wild is the Target Prepaid REDcard. This prepaid product operates on the same platform as Serve and Bluebird, all made available by American Express. In essence, the REDcard (informally referred to as ‘Redbird’) allows for the generation of up to $5,000 in MS per month, with no fees. In contrast, each above gift card costs $4.95 upon purchase, thus increasing the cost of MS’ing. FlyerTalk has been a really useful resource.

I considered first today taking an opportunity in February to visit a warmer coastal location. Nothing exotic, but definitely warmer. Florida is a state to which I’ve never been. Not sure if I should stay on the east or west side; in a few days a choice will be made. Then again I’ve never been to California either, but I’m going to save that first time experience for a more purpose-driven day.

The Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 will be a really great road trip destination. That’s one upcoming event I feel very strongly about making happen. From what I remember reading a couple of years back, the shadow’s path is scored from Washington state to Florida, similar to midpoints 2, 3, and 4 in a described 5-point sine wave. -`-,- [onetwothreefourfive]. Sounds like a good name for a bar. Then again I’ve been to too many bars lately, and it’s getting out of hand.

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  1. Crystal

    it sounds like you’re making some good plans… And it was lovely to visit with you today! Happy New Year 2015!


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