Looting the Space Frontier

Do you know what Reason is? No, not the abstract concept. I’m talking about this:

screenshot.22-04-2014 21.23.17

“What’s this?” I hear you say. Well, it’s a digital audio production environment, created by Propellerhead. So much it has to offer! On the left are representations of actual synthesizers and on the right is a sequencer. Pretty simple!

Except the knobs, the sliders, and the dials. There are so many of them! Without proper training or time spent understanding the science behind sound, I can personally say that I only scratch the surface of Reason’s immersive capabilities.

Here’s been a fun doodle of mine. I call it “Looting the Space Frontier”. It would be my soundtrack to cruising intergalactic space, speculating planets to plunder.

I have been playing around with Reason off-and-on for around 3 years. Given that my personal interests are highly cyclical, not many of these endeavors are ever truly mastered. If you would like, go ahead and explore my Soundcloud. At the moment I only post developing versions of sound snippets and weird loops in order to easily listen to them with the Soundcloud app on my iPhone. Critiquing the beats and transitions, structure and synthesizes at different points throughout the day and in various situations yields quality results, and I hear and notice areas where a note or movement seems out of line and think about how to fix or enhance it.

I enjoy identifying these areas of improvement in the music and, through experimentation, coming up with a solution that results in a more pleasant sounding synth. This concept is fairly applicable to other areas in my life. Problem solving, optimization, and organization, all of these are concepts which I am able to realize within the world of Reason.

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