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Flurries of activity, things get done. Lately lucrative bank bonuses earned in exchange for opening new accounts has become very attractive. Giving away my personal information to big financial institutions. Running their respective gauntlets, adhering to the requirements and rules, and operating within the terms and conditions:  Quite an awesome angle on extracting big bucks for simply playing a little game.

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A year has come and gone, and I have since passed smoothly across the 1st anniversary with my current employer. Speaking with those around me, it feels as if I have begun late in the game, and perhaps I have. Always a little behind my peers, even ever since grade school. It was bound to happen:  I am now working amongst team members already in their second and third year. I’ve now began realize this constant trailing in a new and unexpected way.

Not that it has truly impacted my life performance. The benefit of maturity amongst peers has always seemed a position of strength, a credit and asset, another layer of professionalism laid upon my personal veneer.

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