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Flurries of activity, things get done. Lately lucrative bank bonuses earned in exchange for opening new accounts has become very attractive. Giving away my personal information to big financial institutions. Running their respective gauntlets, adhering to the requirements and rules, and operating within the terms and conditions:  Quite an awesome angle on extracting big bucks for simply playing a little game.

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Debt Free!

Milestone attained. I’m debt free!

No longer have I the big scary education loan or distasteful car note. Nope. All paid off as of January 2015, and on schedule too!

Instead I’ve recently taken out a $2,500 ‘loan’ from Capital One. Not wanting to miss out on contributing to my Traditional IRA for tax year 2014, I took my VentureOne credit card over to Target and loaded funds onto a Target REDcard. Once loaded, the funds were withdrawn to supplement my linked bank account. From there it was simple to transfer the full $5,500 to my Vanguard retirement account. That account holds just 1 fund, VTSMX Investor Shares with a lowly 0.17% expense ratio.

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Quite a few coworkers have recently quit. This dwindles the team, and the overall moral follows suit. This happens for a couple of reasons. By it’s very nature, a team is a group of more-or-less equal parts, people playing roles similar in design and status. When a member of the team leaves, every person is likely to internally or externally reevaluate their time-spend. Am I content with the work done for the level of compensation received? Am I being taken advantage of? Have I become more valuable in my role? Should I ask for a raise? Do I deserve more money?

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