Things Be Gone!

Last night after writing Declutter I separated and stacked a few items and tried to decide which to create a Craigslist listing for first. With the low light of evening less than ideal for positive photography results, it was decided:  I would write item descriptions that evening and take pictures the next morning.

Yeah, those photos didn’t happen.

Rewind a few days. About a week ago I had posted some electronics to Craigslist. Guess what, it was worth it!

Just this morning a gentleman stopped by to pick up a set of speakers I had listed. When he arrived he asked if I had an audio receiver to power the speakers. Since I was breaking down an unused surround sound system, as a matter of fact I did.

He ended up walking away with quite a few more items, too:  A DVD/VCR player, weight set, frying pan, and an assorted box of miscellaneous items. As I write this it’s difficult to recall just exactly what he got away with. I miss the stuff that much.

Here’s a chart. There was a $100 gain whereas I lost $158.85 down from the retail prices. But I’ll take it!

Making some money back always feels good

Making some money back always feels good

I am absolutely thrilled to have shooed along some space-eating relics. With an age no earlier than 4 years, these unused things weren’t doing me any good.

2 thoughts on “Things Be Gone!

    1. RLP Post author

      Thank you! 3 bags is quite a lot of clutter. When I get rid of things there’s always a sensation of dead weight being shed. A wonderful lightness is left in its place.


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